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Down From Cascom Mountain

Reviews for Down From Cascom Mountain

"The reader is deeply invested, caught up in Mary's grieving, or in Tobin's failure to forgive his mother. Their stories are made memorable."
The Los Angeles Times

"In the wilds of New Hampshire one formative summer, a series of character-building—or breaking—events is visited upon a group of young men and women whose paths cross tragically on the slopes of Cascom Mountain...(a) gratifying tale."
New York Times Book Review

"Ann Joslin Williams has written an emotionally resonant novel that inspires readers to care about Mary, her constellation of friends and this place they love."
The Chicago Tribune

"Ann Joslin Williams' newly released novel Down From Cascom Mountain is intriguing and unusual in the way it is both literary fiction and edge-of-your-seat page-turner."
Rae Francoeur, North Shore Book Notes

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Ann Joslin Williams has crafted a stellar first novel that reads as if it's her tenth. With the finely wrought prose of a poet, Williams gives us flesh and blood characters we can't help but care about, women, men, and children who find themselves deep in dangerous terrain: the natural world of Cascom Mountain, as well as their own conflicted and natural longings. This a haunting and lovely book!
--Andre Dubus, III, author of House of Sand and Fog and Townie.

There seems to be no element of these people and this landscape to which Williams is a stranger. She sees straight to the heart of her characters, and it is a pleasure to witness them yearning and grieving and loving their way through these pages, one living human presence after another, the mountain and the forest rising up around them in all their mystery and specificity.
--Kevin Brockmeier, author of The Brief History of the Dead and Illumination.

Sexy, following a rugged path from sorrow to salvation, Williams' new book is made from the serious materials of sudden grief -- but it isn't sad In the least. On the contrary! There's a fierce, hard-won joy here, as
sturdy as the mountains of New Hampshire, and as glorious.
--Michael Byers, author of Long For This World and Percival’s Planet

Here in are the qualities of enduring greatness, our turbulent natures, instructions for life. Inside these covers there’s a woman’s profound love, a terrible and beautiful world, the claw of grief. Her story is told with grace and dignity and the kind of writing we hunger for: straight and true, spare and generous.
--Robert Olmsted, author Stay Here With Me and Coal Black Horse

Down From Cascom Mountain is a thrilling and gorgeous novel, one that reaches far beneath the surface of human experience to reveal the roots of love and illuminate the depths of loss. In her virtuosic prose, Williams leads us into a rocky Northern landscape as dangerous as it is seductive; along the way, we come to know her characters as intimately as old friends. Their grief, hope, and desire will follow you far beyond the pages of this unforgettable book, and will lead you to recommend it to everyone you know.
--Julie Orringer, author of How to Breathe Underwater and The Invisible Bridge